Go For Launch!

Maybe it will only ever be my mother that reads this and as I have no idea at all what the heck I am doing with Word Press, writing a blog or any other online endeavour, but nonetheless I am going to try and post here….. probably sporadically, because that is my personality…… I get bored easily…..I have a bad memory………I hate being told what to do and therefore distrust most social media sites inherently. Anyway, why have a social media site when I can have my own website dedicated to ME!!! Lisaburness.com! How fabulous!

Quite like the pic of the dude in space, provided very handily, I might add by Word Press. Thanks. This will be a blog about the ramblings of my mind……the mind of a generation X child, who at this point knows nothing about website management, blog submissions etc.  For $47/year it seems like a harmless investment in myself. Less than a pedi, half the price of getting my hair done for one month and a darn sight cheaper than psycho therapy!

Why am I doing this, she said to herself? Because I CAN! and why not indeed? I like me most of the time, not because I am anything special, but simply because I am me and I have never been anyone else. AND I need to know how to navigate word press for our band website…..going to learn! You are never too old. So I am treating this like my online diary of an addled mind.

Note the very good use of commas. I can hear Chris ( long suffering hubby and ex teacher) saying in my head ‘ generation x child comma who at this point comma knows nothing about website management comma blah blah blah!

O BTW ……I don’t have Facebook I don’t have Twitter I don’t have Instagram I don’t have anything else other than my band website http://www.skellig.ca and a Youtube channel called ‘Skellivision’! …….and apparently I have already published this but for the life of me I don’t know how !! ……..now how do I save this lot???


Big Lisa

ps I couldn’t find spellcheck yet….but I am sure Marny Beaton or Chris Burness will inform me of all errors on this blog post haste!

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