LESSON 1 : Keep a beady eye on ALL your online stuff!



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I forgot entirely about this blog I created, as I have been so busy in real life, helping at our church, ‘The Rock Christian Fellowship’ , decorating, playing music, gardening, organizing a wedding and helping incorporating a company …..life in the real world, not this virtual necessity! Imagine my surprise, while getting our new church website together and sat with my good friend Paul, who is a professional website designer, that upon plugging in ‘rockchristianfellowship.ca’ to redirect that domain, recently purchased, up pops this page, that I totally had forgotten about !!!!!! Suddenly we were confronted by a floating spaceman, who I vaguely remembered. I DID say I have a bad memory in my last post 18 months ago. (18 months……this reminds me of the time my mother-in-law visited from South Africa and took on my ironing, which had been sitting in the wash basket for exactly 18 months, it was like having a new wardrobe).

‘How can this have happened?’ I hear you say. Well, seems like someone at the the domain hosting company, ‘a proxy’, redirected rockchristianfellowship.ca  to lisaburness.com  without my knowledge. Interesting they chose this really, especially as I’m really not that interesting, but I’ll take it as a compliment!  

Note to self:

a) always use a reputable domain host known to be professional.

b) Don’t put anything in the virtual world you wouldn’t say in the real world 🙂

What is truly interesting though, is that you’d really have to look for this page to connect a whole other domain to it, because it’s hidden in a small dark corner of the internet, hanging out with a couple of spiders and a dead woodlouse, maybe a pair of old socks and some old bytes from the 70’s. But there it is, the church website is temporarily redirected here lol!

Anyway, fellow christians from The Rock, if you should stumble across this instead of your lovely new website or your old one, you will get to see the ramblings of my mind, instead of the Bulletin! Unless you go to:


where you will find your lovely new site, while I wait for the domain host company to redirect the old domain to it! Never assume anything, right?!

Good news though, on the ‘learning how to build a website front’. I can confirm that necessity really IS the mother of invention.

skelligmusic.com is up and running

rockchristianfellowship.net is up and running

AND ‘Skellivision’ has another video almost ready to post on it!

You can teach an old dog new tricks, it would seem! Good times

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